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MMYHA Hockey Calendar

Brian Swenson
Phone: 715-923-1038

TeamUp Calendar

Some members may have already heard, but we will be trying out a new calendar this year. We are trying this it hopes it will be more user-friendly and interactive for members. We do understand that there will be some bumps in the road; so, please bear with us through this transition.

Below is the link to use to view and access the calendar. Also below, you will see a link to a list of "How-Tos" for maneuvering the calendar.

TeamUp Link:

How-To Link:!AnF8EEiJYOWAj3RJp9KmjDT9QNla


**Please note, you will not see instructions to to print a schedule in the How-Tos. We do not recommend printing any schedules as there will likely be frequent changes to game times throughout the scheduling process.