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Tournament Central - Battle at the REC Dec. 3-5


January 20-22

Marinette Community REC Center

2501 Pierce Ave.


All tournament games can be viewed on LiveBarn.

Peewee B Tournament Schedule

Pool 1 Points Pool 2 Points
M&M Thunder 3 Arctic Jr. Fury 3.5
Beloit 0.5 Iron Mountain 7
Beaver Dam 7 Baraboo 0


Beaver Dam def. M&M Thunder, 7-0



Arctic Jr. Fury def. Baraboo, 9-1

M&M Thunder def. Beloit, 6-4

Iron Mountain def. Arctic Jr. Fury, 7-1

Beaver Dam def. Beloit, 12-2

Iron Mountain def. Baraboo, 12-1



5th Place Game

Beloit def. Baraboo, 8-0

3rd Place Game

M&M Thunder def. Arctic Jr. Fury, 4-2

Championship Game

Beaver Dam vs. Iron Mountain,4:15 p.m.

Peewee C Tournament Schedule

Pool 1 Points Pool 2 Points
McFarland 4 M&M Thunder 1
Waunakee 5 Fond du Lac 7
Madison 0.5 Oshkosh 1


McFarland def. Madison, 6-4

M&M Thunder vs. Oshkosh, 1-1 tie



Waunakee vs. McFarland, 2-2 tie

Fond du lac def. M&M Thunder, 8-0

Waunakee def. Madison, 9-1

Fond du Lac def. Oshkosh, 5-0



5th Place Game

Madison def. M&M Thunder, 7-3

3rd Place Game

McFarland def. Oshkosh, 14-0

Championship Game

Waunakee vs. Fond du Lac, 2:30 p.m.

Tournament Rules

  • 15-minute periods
  • Automatic run time at a 6-goal lead
  • 1-minute between periods
  • Each team will be entitled to one timeout per game
  • USA Hockey rules will be enforced
  • Games will end in a tie in the preliminary round robin
  • The tournament director reserves the right to change the period time or change to stop/running time at any time based on schedule
  • Any acts of discipline may be enforced by the tournament director at any time regardless of whether a penalty was called during play.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy for players, coaches and parents. The tournament staff reserves the right to remove anyone from the rink for up to the remainder of the tournament.

Point System for Pool Play

2 points for a win
1 point for a tie
1/2 point for a period won
0 points for a loss
0 points for a period loss or tie


1)  Head to Head
2)  Total wins
3)  Goal differential
4)  Periods Won
4)  Fewest penalties